Action Park Demo

by Brother Beast

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Recorded live with Chris Kehley at Rivalry Sound In Rocky Mount, NC
Cover photo taken by Evan Farrow

Brother Beast on this release is
Gray Benson- Guitar
Luke Boone- Vocals ("A Thousand Shades" only)
Stephen Daniel- Drums
Allen Hyde- Vocals
Jordan Wells- Bass


released October 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Brother Beast Raleigh, North Carolina

Punkish band from Raleigh, NC

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Track Name: A Thousand Shades
I was, I am, a man of a thousand shades
Only existing in adaptation
My mind, it stay, a constant state of change
Fearing a sense of separation

Only projecting
A fair display
Let no one see
An unfit color

Shed my skin
Change my face
Let no one see
The full spectrum

I am white
An absorption of the world
I am black
An absence of myself

I can, I will, become an honest paint
A color of my own creation
A shade, so true, it will leave a stain
On the heart of this generation
Track Name: The Birth Of A Soul
I donned the beard of a man
You wore the skirt of a girl
I carried no burden
You lugged the weight of the world

I felt only joy in life
You stayed tired and sore
I dreamt soundly every night
You had never slept before

I was a spirit in the air
But you were flesh and blood

I saw your tears from a distance
You noticed my smile from afar
I brightened your existence
You filled my empty jar

I kept you dry in the rain
You gave birth to my heart
I helped you deal with the pain
You gave me a fresh start

I finally had a soul
You grew into a woman
I began to loose control
You met a new man

I lost priority
You were deep in love
I had no authority
But you made me flesh and blood

I had finally come to life
And you were to thank